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Dear support team,

As a suggestion for a future update of the DOVICO timesheet (desktop/website application):

When I am in the ‘Time Calendar section’ and I need to add/update entries there, then there is a box at the bottom for doing that. The first item in that box is called ‘* Project’. This opens a drop-down menu on the right with ALL projects from present and past. That is not efficient, especially if those past projects have been listed as ‘finished’ (end-date is also already in the past) and ‘flag for archive’. They are not relevant for entry of new data in this Calendar section anymore. The result of the current situation is that the ‘*Project’-list becomes very long and it takes extra effort (the lay-out of the drop-down is also not very appealing) to find the right project.

My improvement suggestion is:

The project-list in the drop-down menu ONLY shows current projects, meaning projects which are ‘active’ or ‘estimate’ and within the start-date and end-date boundaries. All past projects/finished projects should not appear anymore.
The drop-down menu has some alternate colouring, so you see more quickly which project you need. Now everything is uniform and compressed.

I hope you can take this into consideration.

Best regards


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