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Set Project Alerts on tasks

Currently, it's only possible to set a project alert against the total hours or % of the project, but it would be more useful if I could set an alert against a task.

My use case:
Our team often overruns heavily on one task, but will spend less time than estimated on another. When I set a project alert based on hours/% spent against the entire project I don't catch the task that is overrunning until it has overrun so much that it's using up almost all estimated project hours (across all tasks).

This means that after the overrunning task is completed we don't have any estimated time left for the remaining tasks and will definitely be overspending on the project.

To give a concrete example, consider this scenario:

Task A - estimated 5h, actual 3h
Task B - estimated 15h, actual 20h
Task C - estimated 5h, not started

Total estimated: 25h
Total actuals: 23h

If I have set an alert for 90% of hours spent, at this point I would receive a project alert notifying me that we have gone over that threshold and have 2 estimated hours left, but still at least 5 hours to complete the project - ergo, we will run over by 3h and there's nothing I can do at that point.

What I would rather know is when we are getting close to the total estimated hours of a task, instead of the entire project. In that case I would catch the Task B risk at, say, 75% of the task's estimated hours, not at 133%.

It's still useful to have the alert option for the entire project, but it doesn't cover risk management very well.

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